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WTS Glock 36 with Extras (CT) $450

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For sale is a Glock 36 that I have owned for a little over 2 years. I have put approximately 250-300 rounds down the pipe with one FTF that I attribute to a novice shooter who was limp wristing.

You know what you are getting with a Glock. I have made some upgrades to the gun as follows:

  1. 3.5 lb trigger job. All new components installed. This was a great improvement and made me want to carry this gun more than any of my other Glocks. All original pieces are included.
  2. Wolf springs (original is included as well).
  3. Polished a few components included the barrel.

I carried this one for a solid year and it hides easily in jeans and a jacket or shorts and a t-shirt. I never had any issue.

I was pleasantly surprised with this gun, as I had heard others have problems with the 36 model. I guess there are some lemons out there. This is not one. I was hopeful because I would never carry a gun that had problems.

Shooting this was also fun, though it does kick a bit. Can’t beat the size though for a 45 and the versatility.

It comes with a total of 4 magazines. No ammo included unless you want to throw in some additional $$$.

It comes with the original box and all papers.

Looking to get $450 for a face to face deal in CT. If I have to ship, make sure you can provide all necessary paperwork and you will cover the shipping and insurance cost.

Please email me with any questions PKORCHARI at gmail dot com.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts