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I have a like new condition G32 gen3 (357 sig) with the factory OD green frame and standard sights. Standard sights, completely stock, nothing changed. I put two boxes (100 rounds) through it, cleaned it, put it in the safe and went back to my G27.

Comes with the case and all the standard glock stuff, and 3 normal capacity mags.

Located in NY, but has full capacity magazines.
If FTF in NY and not a LEO, it will be sold without the mags. Sorry, I don't have any 10 rounders to go with it.

Shipping is FFL to FFL.

FTF-$500 on Long Island
FTF w/o the mags $475
Shipped- $535

Email Resqczar "At" aol "dot" com for pics and questions
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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