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OK - I've been digging around for more stuff that I don't need anymore and I've come up with the following:

Glock Model 23 upper in .40 in good condition - $250 shipped ***SOLD***

6 factory Glock 27 mags. 5 are 9 round and 1 is 10 round all in very good condition - $85 shipped. THE PIC IS OLD - I had 9 mags but sold 4 and found another one. I will take another pic this weekend if I don't get distracted and forget to do it... Anyway just to clarify - this pic shows 9 mags. You are only getting 6 if you buy this lot. 5 of them are the same as ones in the pic and one is a different one but it looks the same. OK? *** SPF ***

ACOG 3.5x35 Riflescope with Red Dual Ill. .308 Chevron Reticle and Flattop Adapter
Model #TA11E -
I originally bought this to mount it on an AR-10 carbine upper and I decided that I liked the Aimpoint Comp-M better because I was putting those on all my carbine style rifles and wanted to keep it all the same... I believe I mounted this on the rifle but never fired it. I bought it around 5 years ago and Trijicon guarantees a minimum of 15 years on the lamps so there is still some good life left in this one.

Payment on these items by PayPal or postal money orders. Thanks for looking.
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