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Have a Glock 19 Gen 4 with the following

Mayhem-Syndicate "Cali" Comp + S3F Barrel
Trijicon HD
SSVi TYR Trigger
Tau Dev Group SCD
Ghost Pro 3.3 Connector
Apex Ultimate Safety Plunger
RCS Freya Magwell
Kägwerks Slide Release
3 OEM 15 round Magazines

I put this together before the 45 was announced, which I prefer the full grip so I built an identical gun in the 45 and no longer need this one, 914 rounds total, 614 with the S3F barrel. Includes all factory stock parts, also going to toss in a big bag of extras, various Wolff springs, extra trigger bars, and various Gen 1-4 Glock parts I no longer need.

Just relocated to Boca Raton FL in case anybody local wants it.

Looking for $750 + shipping.

Ammo used
Federal 115gr FMJ 385 rounds
Federal HST 124gr 69 rounds
Federal HST 147gr 20 rounds
Winchester 115gr FMJ 196 rounds
Remington UMC 115gr FMJ 244 rounds
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