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WTS FTF Kimber SIS Pro w/extras $925 Houston, TX

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by bulls_on_parade, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. bulls_on_parade


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    Jun 10, 2009
    No trades, No out of state (yet), and no lower offers $925 is the price
    I priced this very low and this is the lowest I will go please do not PM me with any offers other than "I'll take it"

    I have a Kimber SIS Pro in very good condition with box, papers, factory mag, factory grips, etc. (I am original owner and have receipt) THIS IS THE GUN IN MY AVATAR <------------- over there

    also have

    -Don Hume molded leather holster
    -2 - 10 round Wilson combat mags
    -28 Gold Dots
    -extra grips (the ones is my avatar) (factory grips back on it currently)
    -I also polished the Barrel to a mirror finish, if you know kimbers, you know the barrels come with a cast type or raw forged type finish that only gets machined in certain spots, but it seemed to be more susceptible to rust and grime so I polished the whole barrel to a bright mirror sheen so it would clean up easier ( if you take a look at my other treads showing the glock 29 I just sold you can see some of my work on that gun, I am not a gunsmith but I do good work, the polish job on the barrel looks professional, anyone I show it to who does not know any better never knows its not like that from the factory.

    I will put up some pics if needed when I get back home this weekend

    I live in Houston but travel alot around Texas, I would rather do a FTF sale than ship it so please only offers in Texas (preferably Houston or East Texas) right now