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SOLD to 1goodcop

Firearm Gun Trigger Gun accessory Airsoft gun
Firearm Gun Trigger Gun accessory Gun barrel
Material property Hand Everyday carry
Tool Flashlight
Firearm Gun Trigger Airsoft gun Gun accessory
Everyday carry Tool Fashion accessory
Box Material property Technology Electronics Electronic device
For Sale: FNS-9C FDE: $329

I am the original owner.... This firearm is in like new condition and comes just as it did from FN: box, really nice soft case, 2 10 round mags (one with pinky extension), paperwork, lock, extra back strap. After purchase I put 2 mags through it as a function test, cleaned it, and it hasn't been back out since. I bought this gun because I had looked at one at a dealer and it felt good in my hand, the trigger was better than a Glock, I liked the look of the FDE finish, and thought I might carry it....and....then.....I got a P365. This gun is almost exactly the same size as a G26, but to me has a better grip texture and a little different grip angle, making it easier for me to get on target. If the P365 hadn't come out, this would be my summer EDC. For the life of me I can't figure out why this model doesn't sell for more $$ (like other FN's), it's a sweet gun.

The fine print:

I'm not looking for trades (that said, I will make an exception for a partial trade towards a Colt 1911). Shipping is $15. Please, no low-ball offers - this quality gun is priced pretty cheap as it is. :)

Please know and obey the laws of your jurisdiction. For example: no shipping to CA... AK & HI - sorry your're out too. I prefer to ship from me to your FFL, but I can arrange shipping from my FFL if I must (I might grumble a little about it, since my FFL will definitely grumble about it).

Payment: Cash App preferred (it's as easy to use as PayPal, and unlike PayPal, the Cash App Terms of Service does not prohibit firearms transactions). I can also take credit cards via my wife's SquareTrade account. Cash FTF at an FFL in western PA is ok too. As a last resort I will accept PayPal F&F, if there are ZERO comments in the notes.

Check out my 100% feedback (as buyer and seller on multiple forums and eBay) and buy with confidence. I describe items accurately and ship fast.

For contact, please EMAIL: w e s w a r r e n (at) y a h o o (dot) com. Have questions or need more pics? Let me know. I travel a lot for work so answers may be delayed a bit, hang with me.

I will answer PM's, but my responses may be delayed a little. Emails will get a quicker response unless I'm traveling somewhere.

An unconditional "I'll take it" posted in this thread, followed up by an immediate direct email, wins my many thanks and the gun. Questions or offers may not supersede an "I will take it" posted in the thread, until we formally make a deal via email or text. I hate to have to say that, but I have had a few deals fall through from being too nice and turning down solid offers while waiting for a "buyer" to make up their mind and ultimately back out.

Please do not post in this ad unless your posting states "I will take it". Thanks.

(Sorry about the crappy pics, someday I'll learn how to take decent photos.)
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