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For sale or partial trade:

FN Herstal Five-Seven 5.7 x 28 USG $975 plus shipping

This full size handgun features the screaming-fast 5.7x28 cartridge, but with light weight and little recoil. Packing 20 rounds per mag, it can serve multiple roles as a great home defense, carry, or range gun. These don't come up for sale often, and are routinely listed for well over $1000 on GB. I'm selling this one due to an unexpected expense and will miss it greatly!

As you can see in the photos below the gun is in excellent condition. I do not track round counts, but haven't used much ammo so I'm going to guess 200-250 rounds through the gun. There is a bit of wear on the top of the sights and the inside frame rails, the frame and slide are LNIB.

It comes with what you see: the box, 3 mags, and FN cleaning kit.

Possible partial trades in preferred order (trade value $1050): Any FN, HK, or CZ 9mm, Glock 43 (not X), 357 magnum revolvers, 22lr revolvers, AR-15's (builds ok if priced accordingly), 12 gauge pump shotguns, Hinderer knives (Ti scales only), Sig Lima365, Sig Lima320, Glock 10mm mags, Glock 33 round 9mm OEM mags, Sig P320/250 357 Sig mags (any capacity), S&W 5906 mags, 10mm ammo in FMJ, 357 Sig ammo FMJ, 357 magnum ammo, 9mm ammo (124 or 147 grain FMJ only), or 5.56 ammo (no green tip). Other trades or offers may be considered...but no other Glocks, or super-low-budget guns - I have enough. The ammo listed below can be included in a trade if needed to even things up.

That said, I prefer a cash sale and will need at least $500 coming my way.

Please know and obey the laws of your jurisdiction. No shipping to AK or HI. No shipping high capacity mags to ban states.

For a straight sale, shipping is $25 from my FFL to yours. For partial trades, we can both take care of our own shipping costs. My FFL will accept from an individual if needed but prefers from another FFL.

Payment can be made using Paypal F&F, or credit card via a Square invoice sent from my wife's SquareTrade account. Cash FTF in western PA might be ok too depending on the timing. Please no checks or money orders, thanks.

For contact: DIRECT EMAIL IS BEST: weswarren (at) yahoo (dot) com

PM's will be answered but may be delayed.

An unconditional "I'll take it" in the thread below, followed up by an immediate direct email, wins my many thanks and the gun. Questions or trade offers may not supersede a straight cash sale until we formally make a deal via email or text. I hate to have to say that, but I have had a few deals fall through from being too nice and turning down solid offers while waiting for a "buyer" to make up their mind.

TO THE BUYER ONLY: I will sell 187 rounds of SS197SR, and 150 rounds of the hard to find SS198LF ammo for $95 shipped direct to you....that's less than 29 cents per round. Trade value may be higher.

Please check out my 100% feedback for selling, buying, and trading on and eBay same username), and know that this gun will not disappoint.

More photos are available if needed.

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