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Up for sale is my "Walther PPK/S Aristocrat" in absolute MINT (with no marks or scuffs) condition.

This amazing, rare find has had less than a box of ammo down the pipe and will come to you with everything as it came from the manufacturer.

DESCRIPTION: This Walther PPKS Aristocrat is a TALO exclusive, only 600 were made. The slide and safety lever are heavily engraved in a German style.

This pistol is extremely hard to acquire because there was a limited number of ONLY 600 made back in 2006-2007. This one is #58 of 600 and it is PRISTINE.

NOTE: We do have two (2) extra Mags for this pistol we are selling for $25 each.

We prefer to sell locally, face to face (Tallahassee, FL), however we are willing to ship, provided the buyer is willing to pay the shipping/transport fees (FFL, etc.). That shipping/transport cost factor will be determined at the time, should that be the desire of the new potential buyer. We are willing to meet locally at a public venue (Police Dept, Local Gunshop, etc.).


Please feel free to inbox me if you are seriously interested.

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