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WTS Extreme Armor IIIa body armor

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by wb880, Mar 5, 2006.

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    email me at if interested.

    I have an Exteme Body armor, made by American Body Armor Level IIIa bullet resistant vest that I want to sell. Vest was made in Jan of 05 and I purchased it in Feb of 05. I wore it for approximately 2 months and do not need it anymore, since my department began issuing level IIIa vests as standard equipment(use to only issue IIa).

    Comes with one carrier,
    Flexable kevlar trauma plate

    Front panel 14 inches high X 20.5 inches wide at waist
    Rear Panel 16 inches high and 20.5 inches wide.
    I am 5'9 and 165 lbs with a 34 inch waist.

    Back-up gun pocket on the front of the vest, used it to hold an HK compact, and glock 27 at different times. (extra $50 dollar value)

    Vest is still warranted for 4 more years (if kept in good condition ballistic protection can last much longer)

    I paid $900 new for the vest.

    $450 plus actual shipping.

    Here is more info about the vest.

    Level lllA Xtreme® Body Armor by ABA
    Quadralink™ with DuPont® Kevlar®, GoldFlex™ and SpectraShield® Plus combine to take body armor to a new dimension. Akwadyne® Comfort Management System alters the fabric's molecular and chemical components. In warm environments moisture and heat are transferred away from the body; and in cool climes, the mesh lining traps heat close to the body and channels moisture away. NIJ 0101.04 tested and certified.

    Front and back shirt tails
    Trauma plate insert pocket
    Anti-microbial olefin ballistic fabric shell
    Akwadyne® Comfort Management System
    No interior seams means no chafed skin
    Carrier has internal suspension system to prevent ballistic panel sagging
    Hand wash, line dry
    Made in USA
    How To Measure:

    Have another person measure with a cloth tape. Wear proper attire when being measured (i.e.: T-shirt, service duty belt, etc.).

    1. Front Panel (seated): Measure from clavicle notch (locate by running finger from the center of your chin, down your windpipe, to the point where the first bone in your chest is felt) to a point approximately 1" above the duty belt.
    2. Back Panel (standing): Using the natural shoulder line, select a point in the middle of the back and along this line. Measure down to a point 1" above the duty belt.
    3. Girth (standing): Measure across waist at its widest point. Generally, the widest point will be either approximately 2" above the duty belt or along the belly-button line.