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WTS: Cyclops Xenon Pro Series Tactical Flashlights (2 pack)

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*** These have all been sold, thanks ***

A while back I saw a thread regarding these pretty inexpensive Xenon tactical flashlights made by Cyclops. The only place I ever saw them was at Sam’s Club. I bought 4 for myself and family and as it turns out, they work GREAT! I have a Brinkman Xenon and these are just as bright, for half the price. IMO, it seems brighter than my 3-D Maglite. Here are the specs:

- Rugged machined aluminum housing (water/shock resistant)
- Black anodized finish
- Rear power switch
- Powered by 2 CR123 Lithium batteries (included!)
- 80 lumen Xenon bulb

Since I know not everyone belongs to Sam’s Club and thus wouldn’t have the opportunity to get a hold of these, I bought the remaining 9 packs in stock at my local store to see if anybody here would be interested. I’m just going to sell them for what they cost me to buy, I’m not looking to make a profit here. They cost me about $22 each with tax for the twin packs, so I’ll sell them to anyone here who wants them for $22 each plus shipping. I figure shipping would be $4.00-5.00 for USPS Priority Mail. If anyone is interested, please e-mail me at [email protected]. These are awesome xenon tactical flashlights for only about $12 a piece! I only have 9 packs, so when they’re gone, they’re gone. Sam’s doesn’t have them anymore.

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