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Glock 17 that is set up for production but throw a magwell on it and you’ve got a great limited gun. Here’s the specs:

Glock 17
Polished hi chrome glock barrel

Vanek Custom trigger installed by Charlie himself production legal and breaks clean at 2 lbs. even

Polished slide take off

Polished Pin

Polished slide release

Stainless steel guide rod w/ 15lb ISMI spring (new spring)

Custom stippling job

Fiber optic rear green sights

Fiber optic front red sight

New parts installed:

All new guts put in this gun everything from firing pin, cups, springs, sleeve, safety plunger, extractor for the slide, all new guts from the trigger job on the frame.

Comes with 2 brand new magazines (10 round production legal) Glock OEM.

The gun runs GREAT and has taken quite a few first places at our local matches, but I’m out of funds for my G35 right in the middle of it and need cash ASAP. Don't ask me how much i've got into this gun, because it will scare me.

$650.00 shipped

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