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WTS Custom Built AR15

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by BigFelipe, Mar 22, 2010.

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    Jan 18, 2009
    I am getting out of the AR game. So, I'm letting go of my last, and favorite AR. My FDE MagPul Aero Carbine. Tight, nice lookin' AR. Good shooter with only about 250 rounds through it. (less than that on the gas block and barrel) Slap an EoTech or some nice glass on it and you're ready to rock&roll. Lotta rifle for a great price. Extras available...

    It's built on an Aero Precision lower and Aero Precision Flat Top upper.
    For those who don't know, Aero makes good stuff. They manufacture lowers for Noveske, Armalite, and Spikes to name a few.

    The rest of the build is as follows,

    BravoCo standard LPK

    Daniels Defense 16" 1in7 twist chrome lined M4 contour barrel(super sweet, just installed about 100rds ago, ditched the Roggio that was on it),

    LMT BCG with upgraded spring and black bushing,

    Badger Tactical Bolt Latch,

    Ambi Single point sling plate w/ CAA single point sling(extra sling also),

    MagPul MOE 6-position Carbine Stock w/buttpad,

    MOE Handguard w/ MagPul's Poly rails added(removable, modular),

    MagPul MOE Grip w/ storage compartment,

    MagPul Extended Trigger Guard,

    MagPul MBUS flip up adjustable sights,

    MagPul M.A.D. Lever,

    MagPul PMag w/ window and level indicator,

    DPMS quad rail gas block(newly replaced from a single rail),

    Troy Industries Medieval Flash suppressor/compensator,

    Tango Down Quick-Detach Stubby Foregrip w/ batt compartment,

    Winchester soft assault rifle case that holds rifle and 10 mags.


    FTF in the Raleigh/Cary area. Require copy of NCDL and copy of CCW/Permit. Will ship on buyer's dime. Buyer's FFL must accept shipments from individuals.



    If interested in a package, I have about 600rds of ammo, 9 extra mags (8 Pmags, 1 AdventureLine) with a loader and stripper clips, armorer's tool, pin puch set & blocks, laser boresight, and a 5mW green laser and multi reticle reflex sight as well. Everything you need to get your AR on... I'll make a good deal with the rifle or sell separately after the rifle is sold. $1150 for everthing.

    Thanks for looking...