Selling a few items that are surplus to my needs.

Insurance is not included with prices. If needed Please request and I can quote how much it would be. Payment by certified bank cashiers check or USPS Money Order.

not responsible for loss/ damage once dropped with shipper. Tracking will be available.

Cross posted.

1. Sold Colt USGI Nam era parts kit. Nice kit overall with limited wear/age on parts. See pics as they are part of the description so don’t have to type every little detail out. Comes with all parts as pictured.

$990 plus $16 shipping.

2. Sold. ** 1969 Polish AKM AK47 de-milled kit. Ready for assembly. See pics as they detail the kit the best. Parts are numbers matching on all serialized parts. Furniture looks really nice with limited age/wear. Crazy nice considering it’s a military kit from this era. $600 plus $16 shipping

3.** SPF**. x4 Glock 22 factory mags. Some with LeO markings. $45 shipped for the 4. Must be legal in your area. (No fee FF discrete PayPal ok for this one)

4. **sold. Romanian underfolder reverse dong lower hand guard for AK rifle. Has trench art. $48 shipped. (No fee FF discrete PayPal ok for this one)

5. x2 AK/SKS milsurp oilers. $10 shipped

6. sold AK muzzle device. US made. $16 shipped

7. ** sold pending funds** Romanian foward dong handguard. No fee PayPal ok. $48 shipped

Dong grip forward facing

8. ** SPF. Very nice new old stock polish faty AK pistol grip. $18 shipped. No fee PayPal
9. x2 AK bayonets with scabbards and rubber insulator. These are the wire cutting type. $45 plus $6 ship for both. No fee PayPal ok.

Ak bayonets

10. retro m16a1 Vietnam era M203 handguard. Nice condition. Only minor signs of age.$145 shipped.

M203 handguard

11. SPF*** X7 M1 Garand gas cylinders. As-is. No gauge so can’t confirm wear readings. Various stages of finish wear. $150 plus $6 shipping.

M1 Garand gas cylinders

12. Sold** 1970 polish matching numbers AK kit. Numbers matching. Good milsurp condition. $625 shipped.

Polish 70s AK kit #2 - Album on Imgur

13. ** sold** another M16A1 colt Vietnam era retro parts kit. Colt parts. $980 plus $16 shipping.

14. German marked K98 base/rear sight assembly. $57 shipped.