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WTS CD’s, Moody Blues, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, XTC, E.C., J.T. Dire Straits

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by G-2, May 21, 2007.

  1. G-2


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    Jan 19, 2002
    Southeast, US

    Want to sell CD’s from our personal collection. All disks are excellent unless stated otherwise. We’ve got a couple to sell as sets...Have recently upgraded to SACD's & DVD-A's
    1-Moody Blues their first 7 CD’s Digitally Remastered (Days of future past, in search of the lost chord, on the threshold of a dream, to our children’s children’s children, a question of balance, every good boy deserves a favour & Seventh Sojourn) $58.00 paypal’d and delivered ConUS for the Moody Blues set.
    2-Genesis Wind & Wuthering, Trespass, and Then there were three, Duke, abacab CD’s Digitally Remastered $38.00 for the 5 Remastered Genesis disks.
    3-The remaining batch Peter Gabriel (rainy car), Peter Gabriel (melted face) – Both paypal’d and delivered ConUS $15.00
    4-David Bowie-Let’s Dance
    5-XTC-Oranges & Lemons
    6-The Edgar Winter Group-They only come out at night
    7-Dire Straits-Brothers in Arms
    8-Eric Clapton-Slowhand (Remastered – Re-release)
    9-James Taylor-Flag (Remastered – Re-release)
    10-Roxy Music-Avalon
    11-Depeche Mode-Violator

    The miscellaneous disks (4-11) are $8.00 each paypal’d and delivered ConUS, if you buy 2 they’re $7.50each, if you buy 3 they’re $7.00each, buy 4 and they’re $7.00each, Take them all 3-10 for $48.00

    Take them all for $129.50 paypal’d and delivered ConUS. No trades please. We take great care of our CD’s and they live on this rack.