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Manufacturer: Bulgaria, Arsenal
Description: SA M-5 R - US made, 5.56, milled receiver, 14mm muzzle threads, muzzle brake, cleaning rod, black furniture, scope rail, and bayonet lug.

Caliber: 5.56 x 45 mm
• Total Length: 932 mm - now adjustable with the collapsible stock
• Barrel Length: 415 mm
• Weight without Magazine: 3.51 kg
• Muzzle Velocity: 910 m/s
• Rate of Fire (practical): 40 rds/min
• Twist Rate: 1 in 178 mm
• Effective Range: 500 m
• Max Effective Range: 1350 m
Hi, I have one of these for sale. All items how in the pics are included. They includes factory oil bottle, factory cleaning kit + rod, factory sling, manual, one 10 round arsenal 5.56 mag, and one 30 round arsenal 5.56 mag. The round count is 147. There are almost no flaws on this rifle. The only two deficiency I can think of are the marking left by the safety and the scratches on the top cover left by the brass ejection. Please see the pics for better details. I just have too many black rifles and selling it to fund another project. The price is $950 shipped CONUS via UPS ground. The SA M-5 series are out of production and many consider them to be superior to the current stamped receiver that are now being produced by Arsenal. This is a excellent tactical AK. I also added a lot of adter market accessories to the rifle to make it more user friendly so you save on the gunsmith installation costs. Below are the list of after market modification that are included on the rifle.
1. UltiMAK Multi Rail Forend System Model ACR2-ML "Long" Length extends to front of gas block , Covers gas block mounted bayonet lug. Color; Black Made in U.S.A.
Innovative design and precision manufacturing provide a very secure and rugged foundation for your premium accessories. Made of high strength, MIL STD hard anodized aluminum with 4140 steel attach points. Comes with all hardware and instructions. The generous length MIL STD 1913 Picatinny rails give plenty of room for your hand, plus any combination of rail mount lights, lasers, grips, sling mounts, and bipod mounts. Proprietary expanding rear tenon system squares and centers itself inside the receiver with extreme tenacity, while the dual, floating clamp system in front locks the unit to the barrel without applying off-axis forces to the barrel. You can mount a quality laser sight module with full confidence in maintaining your zero under harsh field conditions. A result of the thoughtful engineering you've come to expect from UltiMAK, it increases the cooling efficiency of the rifle, and is surprisingly lightweight, strong, comfortable, stable and versatile. The ACR2 body fits over the outside of the original forend cap (covering the original sling loop) and has enough width that your rail mounted items will be far less likely to interfere with one another. Retails $220
2. Red Star Arms Adjustable AK Trigger System - AK Trigger System
Patent No. US 6,772,548 B1 The ONLY 100% milled AK trigger group made in the USA. Made the right way, from solid steel bar stock. Before, the American shooter had to settle for cast or MIM'd copies of the original parts, not anymore! RSA offers the first fully adjustable Kalashnikov fire control system. This trigger group is adjustable for Pretravel, Overtravel, Disconnector Engagement, and Trigger Pull. Depending on your preference and application, it can be adjusted for Single Stage or Two Stage pull
Retails 84.99
3. Red Star Arms AK-47 TACTICAL RELEASE - Strong and simple ambidextrous magazine release that really works! A natural evolution of the AK-47 magazine release. Dramatically decreases magazine change times by allowing a quick mag drop with the trigger finger while keeping the stong hand on the pistol grip. Effective for competitive shooting or any circumstance that requires reduced magazine change time. Retails 19.99
4. Red Star Arms Retainer Plate - New product from Red Star Arms replaces the bent wire Shepherd's Crook. This steel plate installs in less than 5 seconds and holds the hammer and trigger pins in your Kalashnikov secure. Forget about fighting with the retaining wire. Not only can you frustrate yourself and scratch your firearm trying to route the retaining wire, but if it is not installed properly your gun will malfunction. Similar to retainer plates used in the FAL and in some modern Russian Kalashnikovs, the RSA Hammer/Trigger pin retainer plate will work in nearly all Kalashnikovs. It can replace any style of retaining wire and will make installing, adjusting, tuning, or cleaning your trigger group a much easier job. Retails 12.99
5. Krebs Customs ENHANCED AK SELECTOR LEVER - While the standard AK selector lever is well designed for the function it performs, it 's operation does require the shooter to remove the firing hand from the pistol grip. The Krebs Custom AK selector lever allows for manipulation of the selector while maintaining the shooting hand in firing position, as well as provides a notch for locking back the bolt for inspection. Retails 65.00
6. XS Sight System’s Tritium AK night front Sight - At last, a high quality, fully machined sight for the AK-47 series of weapons. This sight boasts a Tritium vial for night use as well as an eye catching white outline for day or low light use. Retails $70.00
7. ACE Stock’s AK Milled Receiver M4 6 Pos. Stock Kit - Composed of internal Receiver Block, CAR stock adapter, M4 Modular telescoping six position stock and buffer tube. This allow stock LOP adjustments for all tactical situation Retails 104.95
8. Command Arms Accessories Stock Saddle - Ergonomic cheek rest with two storage compartments.
• Greatly increases the cheek support while shooting.
• Significantly improves the cheek and head stability while aiming and shooting - eliminates the typical head movement and fatigue associated with ‘sighting in’ targets for extended periods.
• Faster target acquisition and stay on target.
• Can store up to six CR123 batteries.
• Can store cleaning materials and other small gun parts.
• Waterproofed.
• Lightweight.
• Lifetime warranty.
Retails for 25.99
9. Command Arms Accessories Ergonomic Pistol Grip for AK47 - Ergonomically designed with finger swell & backstrap, Surfacing enhances grip & minimizes slippage when wet, Beavertail for better control, higher & firmer hold, Made from reinforced plastic composite, life time warranty. Retails $29.99
I accept postal money orders. Person who post “I will take it” gets it first. I am also selling it on several other forums so I will compare post time. First come first serve! Thanks for looking and God Bless.
It is your responsibility to determine the legality of purchasing or owning this high capacity rifle + magazine in your locale.

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