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WTS: Browning High Power in Arkansas

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>>>>>>>>>>>>> SOLD <<<<<<<<<<<

I have a really nice 9mm Browning High Power with (3) high cap
mags, original box and all accessories. $550 FTF or $600 shipped.
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Any idea when it was built?
e-mail sent, don't know if it went thru. Please send pics to [email protected] Is the finish worn above the trigger on left side or is it the flash, I am interested.
Yes, there is some very slight finish wear above the trigger, but it's
pretty minor. I am in the central Arkansas (Little Rock) area. Overall,
the gun is in great shape and it shoots like a dream!
I'm pretty sure it's mid to late 80's.
Sold locally. Thank's for all the inquires.
I realize it's sold, but FWIW, it appears to have been built in 1989 based on the S/N on the box. That would make it a very early MK III pistol.
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