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Hope everyone is doing well with all the “stay home advice” we are getting. I am looking for some advice and possible guidance as I lost my job so I now need to sell some stuff.

I have a good amount of used brass laying around as I have been picking up my brass for over a decade. I have a good amount of .45 and 223 brass that I will most likely never reload and thought I would sell it. I’ve been looking online at stores selling once fired and just wanted to get a decent idea of what everyone’s thoughts would be for a fair price. I am not into ripping anyone off and alternatively do not want to get ripped off myself.

Here are my thoughts...

45 ACP mixed headstamps 1,000 pieces =$50

223/5.56 mixed headstamps = 1,000 pieces = $75

I’ve never bought or sold any used brass so my thoughts above are just an average of what I saw online.

My questions are as follows....

1) Is my pricing above accurate? If not, please suggest proper pricing.

2) Where should I post this for sale? Can you recommend forums or websites to post it?

Thank you all in advance for any wisdom you share.
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