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WTS NIB MSAR STG-556 black 16". Got it last year(went back to factory once for upgrades) but decided wanted something else. Never fired. COMES WITH ALL FACTORY PAPERS but no box(sold the custom Pelican case that came with it).

COMES WITH ORIGINAL WARRANTY! Not interested in any trade. Over 60 positive feedback on

Comes with 1 ten round mag and optic(can be taken off and rail put in place so that optic of your choice can be mounted).

MOST OF THE USED MSAR STG-556 for sale guns are without warranty. This one comes with original warranty.

MOST OF THE MSAR STG-556 offering you see are WITHOUT OPTICS. Optic is included on this one.

Compared to traditional AUG A1/A2 and USR, STG-556 differs by:
- fluted barrel
- forward assist
- Last Round Bolt Hold Open Release
- 1.5x CQB Optical Sights

More information can be found here:


Terms of payment: $1695 in cash if F2F with TX CHL in DFW,TX area. Otherwise, $1695 + $25 shipping. Can ship to FFL holder only. Cannot ship to ban states. If F2F in DFW,TX area, can sell only to a TX CHL holder.

Email: [email protected]

--John in DFW


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