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Gun: Beretta 96FS (Italian-made)
Location: Northern VA, near Centreville/Manassas
Round count: 600
Condition: Very Good
Mags: 1
Sights: Factory, non luminous
Price: $400 FTF (+$55 to ship)
Includes: Box and listed amount of mag(s)
Trades: G19 (3rd gen), Vltor VIS-1 upper receiver, 8.5" AR barrel in 5.56 w/ 1/7" twist, PRI gas buster, Young's chrome BCG (M16), 50" plasma display (720p okay - Pioneer, Panasonic, or Samsung), cash will be added or subtracted as necessary for trades, and if it is not listed I probably won't be able to trade it but it doesn't hurt to ask

Note: The red paint on the left side of the slide that marks the safety "off" appears to have flaked a bit. This is shown in pic 2 and pic 5. A 30 second touch up would make it all better but I will let the new owner decide.

Thanks for looking!

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