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WTS - Beretta 8000 mini cougar 9mm, FTF Ohio**PICS**

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gun has been sold
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Face to face only....


Such a perfect carry pistol.

(I have 4 cougars and love them)

Great gun at a $TEAL of a price people!
i know thats what i was thinking, i wish i knew someone in ohio
Whats with all this crying, sounds like were on the beretta forum :crying:
somebody in OHIO will be a lucky person.
with all the screen names here it LOOKS like the berettaforum lol
It sure does, Cougars are very nice shooters. Someone will be happy
We'll call this the "Beretta Forum thread" on Glock Talk. :rofl:

How all you fella's doing?

Who else will show up?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts