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WTS AN/PVS-7D Gen 3 Night Vision Goggle

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by L.E., Apr 29, 2006.

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    Feb 27, 2003
    AN/PVS-7D, Generation 3, Night Vision Goggle package. This is the commercial variant identical to what the troops are currently using in Iraq and Afghanistan. The unit is in as/new condition. It has an ITT 57+ lpmm resolution MX-10130 image tube. The clarity and brightness of the image tube are absolutely spectacular. This unit blows away Gen 3 Omni III Enhanced units.The image has one minor blem noted on the worksheet in pic #4 below.

    The unit includes the following:

    New head mount

    New helmet mounting system, complete. With this system the Goggles can be mounted to most helmets such as the standard issue Kevlar helmet or lightweight PRO-TEC type helmets.

    New O.D. MOLLE deployment bag. Use this to carry your PVS-7, helmet mount kit, batteries, and other accessories. Includes a should strap or can be attached to web gear or MOLLE gear.

    Good condition green soft carry case

    Daylight lens cover


    Neck cord


    System spec sheet

    PICTURES. Click below or copy and paste to view.

    PRICE $1775 with free shipping

    Payment via certified funds or Paypal.

    Buyers have the option of purchasing good cond. MILSPEC hard cases for $45. I can also include grey PRO-TEC helmets as part of the package for an additional $35

    Thanks for looking.