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I have an AK-47 pistol with a 12.6 inch chrome lined barrel, and a 30 round mag. This is a factory pistol, built on a pistol receiver, and marked "Pistol". This is important because it is illegal yo just cut down an AK rifle. With the 12.6 inch barrel it hits hard like a rifle, and looses very little muzzle energy compared to pistols with a short barrel. It has more muzzle energy than a 44 mag, and very little recoil. These are hard to find, if you have been looking for one don't miss out. This accepts all factory hi cap mags, and drum mags too. First $550 cash gets it. I would consider trading for a nice 44 mag handgun, or possible other man toys, but I prefer the cash. Email to oakme2 at aol dot com, or call nine four zero five three six four seven five zero.
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