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AimPoint Comp M Red Dot Sight 4 Sale!!!
Brand new still in box. These are a discontinued item. So they all can go for $275. This is a $475 Aimpoint....If you're interested let me know and I'll send you pics and any other info. you may want.

First introduced in 2000, nearly 300,000 CompM sights are now in use by many Armed Forces including elite Special Forces around the world. The CompM, also known as the M68/CCO (when used by US forces), is the standard sight for the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force as well as the armed forces of many NATO countries. Due to its compatibility with all generations of night vision device (NVD), the CompM is ready for use around the clock. The CompM holds up under the roughest physical handling and can withstand the most severe weather conditions and temperatures. In fact, the CompM is completely submersible and will withstand pressures up to 2,5 atmospheres allowing it to be taken up to 25 meters underwater. When the CompM was released, it became the benchmark against which all other combat optics are measured. While primary utilized by armed forces, hunters and sport shooters who want a professional grade sight can also use the CompM. Great for pistols and shotguns as well.

Unique features for CompM

* Unequalled light transmission
* Submersible to 75 feet (25 meters)
* Standard CQB sight for Special Forces worldwide
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