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I have a LE kit with all the factory goods plus and extra mag. I got it new and I have put maybe 200-300 rds through at this point. Only thing I have done to it was shave a bit of each of the mags down where it contacted my slide release. It was holding back my slide on every shot until I realized that it was actually my slide release that was the problem not the mags. They mags are still 100% functional and you might not noticed it unless it was pointed out. Where I shaved them down will not affect anything.

AA sells this kit for $249 +25 for the extra mag plus shipping. They are also backed up and you will have to wait a while to get them.

I will sell this one for $275 shipped via USPS Priority mail with DC (ins extra) I will also pay any online payment fees as well.

e-mail works fastest
[email protected]
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