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WTS: A Set of Traditional Leuku Puuko Knives

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by bulbboy, Jun 12, 2007.

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    May 19, 2005
    Up for sale is one Traditional Leuku Puukko Combo knife set. I was on the hunt for a perfect knife for me and bought several (actually more than several) and now need to unload some. If you have bought from me in the past, you know that I always take a loss and give someone a great deal. I bought this set from the company below.,-kauhava/Detail
    It is brand new - never been used. Beautiful knifes and the sheath is a very soft leather. Two great knives - perfect for camping or hunting - the bigger one for chopping and the smaller one for everything else.
    I paid $132.50 for them and will sell them for $80 shipped. I won't go down in price - if they don't sell I'll just keep them in the safe. Seriously, this is a great deal and would be perfect Fathers Day gift or something like that.


    From Website:

    Kaksineuvoinen Leuku Puukko
    Blade: Length 5 5/8", width 1 1/16" High Carbon Steel (0.8%) 59 on Rockwell
    Handle: 4 1/2" curly birch with brass top and bottom

    Blade: Length 2 3/8", width 11/16" High Carbon Steel (0.8%) 59 on Rockwell
    Handle: 3 3/4" curly birch with brass top and bottom
    Sheath: Traditional "Bothnia" shaped and decorated Light Color Bull hide

    Kauhavan Puukkopaja is one of the premier puukko makers in Finland's "puukko making capitol", Kauhava. It is a family business and honors the long traditions of puukko making in the region. All puukkos and sheaths are handmade of local materials, taking pride of the high quality of their product and craftsmanship. These puukko knives truly samples the hundreds of years of traditions of high quality, durability and beauty of Scandinavian knives!

    Puukkos, and Nordic knives in general have the peculiarity that there is only one bevel on the blade, which forms the working edge, they are therefore very easily sharpened, as all is needed is to grind this bevel to get the sharpness back. The fact that the bevel is big allows finding it intuitively on the stone. The puukko often sport a grind that looks like a saber grind. However, there are no secondary edge bevels which leave the edge extremely thin and incredibly sharp. Due to the sharpness of the edge, these knives will often out cut just about anything.

    Leuku is a Finnish word for a knife used mostly by Lapland (Northern Finland) people, Sámi. It is a very versatile knife, developed from the needs of the reindeer herder-lifestyle of the Sámi people. They are all-purpose knives rather than woodworking knives. The handles are typical of those used in the far North. They provide a solid grip for the draw strokes that are favored where the hands are often gloved, or stiff with cold. The wide flat pommel allows the use of the second hand to apply force to the point. The sheaths take almost the entire handle, which is a reflection of how serious a lost leuku can be in the wilderness.