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I have 4 new ETS 31 round mags. These in the pics are wrapped up in plastic wrap. That is how I received them when I ordered them from PSA.

I have 2 used 31 rnd ETS mags

2 used 22 rnd ETS mags

I have 3 Glock 33rnd mags. Used. These are older non ambi mags. One of them does not have a Glock brand base plate but the body and guts are the original Glock parts. Also one of them has a stippled base plate.

I also have 2 used kci 33 rnd mags and the body of one.

I would prefer to sell these as a bundle but will consider splitting them up.


Accept PayPal gift or add 3%

Located in Northern Michigan

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Sent from my moto e5 (XT1920DL) using Tapatalk
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