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all sold pending funds

WTS 9mm ammo > 500rds 115gr WWB FMJ (FTF @ Athens, GA)

I am NOT an ammo pirate. I didn't camp out at Wal-Mart waiting
for the delivery truck to arrive. In fact I didn't purchase it
at all. I took this ammo in trade for a firearm a couple of weeks
ago and simply don't need this much. I just purchased an Aimpoint
and need cash.

This is all factory loaded 115gr WWB (Winchester White Box) FMJ
in 100rd boxes. I am not willing to sell in quantities less than
500rds each buyer. FTF transaction in/around Athens, GA only.

$150 for 500rds, FTF only

EDIT: only 500rds left

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Guys, I am removing the want ads privileges of people who I find are crapping on other people's ads. Some people just refuse to take me seriously until it happens to them. If you want to make an offer or haggle, do so directly and privately. If you are just busting chops, keep your comments to yourself. No one cares what you go something for elsewhere. That is not the point of this area. You have all been warned.
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