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Gotta fund another purchase and need to move this remaining ammo.

SOLD--2.-- 350rds of Federal Premium LE .223 rem 55gr Hi-Shok SP. This runs 9.00+/box of 20rds + shipping. My price is 100.00 + 10.00 shipping. T223A Link:

SOLD--3.--370rds of 230gr .45 ammo as follows: 2x 100rd wwb fmj value packs, 2x 50rd of Winchester Winclean BEB, 1x50 Winchester JHP, 1x20 Speer Golden Dot GDHP. 90.00 + 10.00 shipping.

SOLD--4- 199rds of 9mm winchester Silvertip 147gr (19.00 each box new). 55.00 + 10.00 shipping

Make an offer......

paypal only.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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