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WTS 5.56x45 AK47 - FTF priced to sale.(ia)

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Have a 5.56x45/223 AK I love, and yes its a Romanian wasr 3. NO CANT! 200-300 flawless rounds fired. With 8 practically brand new east German weiger magazines and one 30 rd. Bakelite mag. NO FTF or FTE. Love this Ak makes. Just sat the holo on and was making cans jump at 75 yards.(with wolf and no tuning). I'm also considering a more defensive means of protection. I'm open to about anything offer away. However ill list most interests. If your close come look at it, I will regret getting rid of this one, If I do. Easily have 1200 into gun alone and 1700+ with the ammo. would sale cash tomorrow for 900 OBO gun. 1300 OBO with ammo.
Added a front grip post pics

Rifle = 500-550
9 mags @ 35 = 315(Conservative)
ATi Strikeforce stock set.(original wood, camoformed. leaves no marks sticks only to itself.) = 100
Sightmark Dual shot holo/laser.(100 replacement laser batteries. 3x1 = 33 replacements.)(50 Holo batteries. 50x1 = 50 replacements). = 150
3 point tactical sling. = 30
Lots of High quality ammo.(some wolf also) 30 - green tip penetrators, 130 - Hornady 55gr SP, 80 - Eagle IMI Match, 250ish - Wolf BB 62gr HP.

Trade interests would include:
2 XD's or 2 glocks or 1/1(High cap)(prefer XD,open to anything)

located in jackson county. iowa

Pictures: CaN always get better pictures if any interest. [email protected] or 563-593-5857 - 563-652-3331-

AK -

Ammo -
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