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some blackhawk desert ops boots size 9D i want to get rid of. i wore them for a while but they of fit a little to tight, they have been used some but still in good condition, thought i'd try here before ebay. $75 shipped

also got 5 15 rd gi mags for Beretta 92fs, M9 9MM made by checkmate, they were new never used but were sitting in cardboard blister packages for years, so they look worn,just slap some oil and clean them up should be good to go. i don't have a beretta so i don't need them. they are marked for LE/Military only so no shipping to states where not allowed. $55 for all 5 shipped. SOLD pending funds

used surefire forend for SiG 55X series rifles but i'm gonna stay with the swat rails. the led's are a hit and miss sometimes they work sometimes they don't. light is 9v i think 220 lumens. bought this as a used police take off last year, and shows some wear. this is only the top forend, you will have to have swiss or sig 551 handguards and use the bottom. $100 shipped SOLD pending funds

take paypal and usps mo
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