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WTS: 3rd Gen Glock 19 with NS in Arkansas

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3rd Gen Glock 19 with factory night sites, high cap mags,
original clamshell box and all the Glock accessories.
$450 FTF or $490 shipped.

>>>>>>>>>>> SPF to Matteblak <<<<<<<<<<<<<

Consider trading for M&P 45c or toward a M&P Pro
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Round count is between 500 and 750. I am in the central Arkansas
(Little Rock) area, where is she . . . I mean you??
Back up. Make me an offer.
Back up with price reduced and trade option added.
All p.m.'s answered. Back up with price reduction and a 3rd high cap
mag added. Don't miss this one!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts