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This is 9mm brass that I picked up after IDPA, USPSA, Steel and 3-Gun matches.

Mostly once fired, some 2x, and a few 3x or more.

Cleaned, not sized.

It's a mix of Nickel plated and Brass.

I think I got all the aluminum and steel out.

9mm is tough to sort so you might find a stray 380 or 40 in it and probably a Makarov or two.

$70 - Free USPS Flat Rate shipping anywhere in the US.

US Only.

USPS Money order only.

The brass weighs 22.34lb, that's about 2600 rounds, maybe a touch more.

Send me an email please, I'm old and sometimes I forget to check my IM.

First email to [email protected] gets it.

Make sure to say you want the 9mm in the email.

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