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Hey folks I have my 2000 Honda Accord SE that just took a crap on me I'd like to sell in NE Ohio. My mechanic said the differential bearings are shot. So it does not drive, go forward etc. It does go in reverse. It's an automatic, 4cyl., it has 136000+ (exact numbers when I get the pics up for you all to see) It does have pretty much brand new(February) Sumotomo tires from Sears. The car has been wonderful until now.

I'm looking to get $1400 for this or $1000 plus a pistol preferably in .40 or .45. or an AK.

Also open to other interesting gun + $ offers.

Like I said, I'm in NE Ohio(Akron/Canton) and have THURS & FRI off if anyone locally wants to look at it. I will be posting pics on THURS morning if you want to check back. This WAS a good solid car :crying: and if I knew anything about how to fix this well....
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