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I have two (2) Ontario USMC Bayonet 8" OKC3S USMC Bayonet & Scabbards for sale. I picked these up from my mil-surp wholesaler last week. I very rarely get USMC equipment and I snagged these pretty quick. They have both been issued and used. They show signs of use and have the wear on the finish in the high spots on the blades.

Serrated Drop Point 1095 Black Carbon Steel Blade Dynaflex Handle Brown. This is bayonet is made exclusively for the USMC by Ontario Knife Company. They are the only vendor for these. There are very similar to the USGI M9, but with some tweaks the Marines wanted. Price is $65.00 each. PayPal +3% to cover fee or USPS m.o. + actual cost of shipping. Posted on other gun/knife forums. I had three yesterday, but one already sold Friday evening.



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