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WTS 2 rifles-AK-47 and SA M1 Garand

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First up is a Springfield Armory M1 Garand, serial #2968XXX made around May of 1944. It has original SA barrel 3/44, all SA parts that match era of rifle and lock bar rear sight. The stock is walnut with faint SA over EMF cartouche and small ordnance wheel, but does have the id wheel cutout on bottom of stock.
The rifle started out as a CMP USGI which I bought in 2005. I switched out the old cracked stock with this Danish return in 2007. The package includes the rifle, repo cartridge belt, and original 10 in bayonet and sheath marked AFH. $700 shipped from my FFL to yours. I also have lots of ammo (over 1,000 rounds) I'll sell with it if you pick up the shipping.

***AK SOLD***
***SOLD***Next up is an B-West AK-47S, appears unfired, has slant muzle brake,1 30 round mag, wood stocks, and bayonet. Asking $520 shipped for this.***SOLD***

I can do a FTF in NE Alabama (subtract $30 off the price for a ftf).

Only trades I would be interested in are the following:
Glock 17 OD green
S&W Model 65 or 13 with 3in barrel and round butt-Pre-lock
S&W Model 60 with 2 in barrel-Pre-lock
S&W Model 66 or 19 with 2 1/2 barrel and round butt-Pre-lock
Bushmaster or RRA M-4

Please Email [email protected] for pictures or questions.
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts