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Selling 2 Blackhawk Serpas that are just not getting used. These are as new, in the packages:

1.---Blackhawk Serpa OD Green for the Glock 9mm/.40/.357Sig. This was made for the Glock 17/22 but works well w/any sized 9mm/.40 Glocks. Includes the Belt attachment and 2 paddle attachments (the new style and old style). (The package has a tear that is covered in clear tape).

2.---Blackhawk Serpa Coyote Tan Color for the Glock 20/21 models. Includes the Belt attachment and the new style paddle attachment.

Would like to get 26.00 each + 4.00 usps shipping per holster/order.

Paypal preferred but not required.

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