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WTS 1911 Magazines (NE)

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2 Like new Wilson Combat 47D 8 round magazines
.45 ACP Government/Commander
$27 shipped each or both for $53
-The Wilsons have been sold-

1 Like new Kimber Pro-Tac 8 round magazine
.45 ACP Government/Commander
$23 shipped
-The Kimber has been sold-

1 Like new Para Ordnance 7 round magazine (far left)
.45 ACP Officer
$13 shipped

Each magazine is in like new condition and have had less than 50 rounds fired. Each magazine functioned 100%.

I accept check, money order, and Paypal. Paypal must include 3.5%.

Ships via USPS within 24 hours of receiving payment.

I have positive feedback here as well as several other forums and auction sites, purchase with confidence. Links to feedback provided upon request.

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These wont last long. I am flush with mags or I would get them!
I would like to buy the officer mag if it is still available. John
[email protected]
Officer mag still available $13 shipped!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts