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I have 10 Jeff Gordon 1/24 Action Racing Collectibles that I would like to sell. All cars/banks and boxes are in excellent condition. Asking $250 shipped. PM me if interested. Will also consider trades of .223 ammo or scope for AR15.

1997 Jurassic Park Car Limited Edition
1997 Winston Million Car 1 of 15000
1998 Chromalusion Car Limited Edition
1999 Star Wars Car Limited Edition
1999 NASCAR Racers CWB 1 of 8500
1999 Superman BWB 1 of 5400
2000 NASCAR 2000 CWB 1 of 10992
2001 Looney Tunes BWB 1 of 3300
2002 Dupont 200 Years Car
2002 Pepsi Daytona BWB 1 0f 1800


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This is funny. For two years my wife is telling me about her friend Jeff who drives a stock car. Not being much of a fan I finally ask what kind of stock car? She says NASCAR. I ask Jeff who? She says Jeff Gordon. She says we sponsor him and he spends lots of time at the company headquarters. We girls have gotton to know him. She then emails me a couple dozen photos of her in his cars. To rub salt into the wound she invites me to a luncheon with other company execs and his step father. So schmucko goes and gets to meet him. He's a real folksy guy, very much down to earth. I bought a dozen #24 hats at Walmart and he signed them for me. We auctioned them off to donate the proceeds for our kids foundation. So now schmucko has become a late bloomer NASCAR fan. I attached a couple of her photos playing with #24 and another where he signed the hats for our foundation. I should listen to her more often.
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