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Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by mac66, Dec 3, 2006.

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    Oct 28, 1999
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    I am looking for two Marlin lever action rifles.

    The first is the 336T (Texan)model in 30-30. This version unlike the basic 336 has a straight grip stock.

    The second is the 336D. This version is a 35 rem. caliber and in Guide Gun (shorter barrel, 3/4 mag tube, straight stock) configuration.

    I have a Norinco SKS, Cavalry Arms AR MkI complete lower, an AR upper, a Dan Wesson fixed sight 357 revolver, a couple of old S&W Mod 10 heavy barrel revolver for a partial trade, an SAR1 or pistol grip MAK90 AK to trade. I probably have some other stuff I could drag out if I needed to.

    If you have one of the above Marlins, or know where I might find one please let me know.

    The T looks like this...

    The D looks like this...It also comes in stainless (top) as the 336 35SS.Oh, I stole this picture from the Marlin owners forum. The D is the one on the bottom.