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wtb/wtt REM 870 BARREL

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I recently got a Rem 870 Express, It came with a 28" barrel with a screw in choke, I intend to use this Gun as a Home defence tool, so I need a shorter barrel, I'd trade mine 28" Scew in choke for a used decent condition 18 1/2-20" harrel with bead or rifle type site, or buy the short barrel outright or trade for gear, let me know, OK?

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there is one listed in Gun Parts & Accessories. listing is:

"18" Remington 870 barrel (PA)

I have a 20" smoothbore barrel with rifle sights, as well as a rare factory +3 extension, for sale. It would raise your capacity to 7+1 and allow you to place slugs very accurately (I was able to consistenly hit the kill zone at 100 yards with low recoil slugs using this combo) as well as allow you to shoot buckshot (it is an Improved Cylinder bore).

I'll link it below:
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