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Wtb/wtt Belt Grinders - 1"x 42" & 2"x42"

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by Highlander 1008, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. Highlander 1008

    Highlander 1008

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    Jan 21, 2006
    Port Gibson, MS
    OK, I am now desperate. Got folks, including a Seal, waiting on knives.

    I need belt grinders that tilt or a similar 2"x72" that can cut bevels on a tilt.

    I have a bunch of stuff, some I will list. I also have diamond jewelry. New and antique.

    Please see list (partial list) of what I have:

    Please im or pm me. Email is messed up! Getting it fixed!


    Heckler and Koch - MK23 12 round 45ACP, new in orig packaging, mint condition - I have 4 at MSRP of $100 + each. Will sell for $40/each.

    Browning, Pro-9, std - $25 each. New in box. Mint. Have 2..

    Wilson combat 45ACP, #47, “OX" and “OXD” new in package. MINT $17 EACH (+ shipping) have about 8 total

    Mec-Gar SS 45ASP - Mint - $12 each (+ shipping), have about 4 left


    Benchmades: all new and in mint condition

    530 _name ? – mint and really sharp little dagger style blade - $60

    551 Griptilian – mint - $60

    960 Osborne D2- mint $150 - reduced to $130


    Pro Tech Godfather model 921 - all ceramic black - $175 Reduced - $150

    X502K Leathrman - 154cm blade and multitool - $65 – reduced - $45. Have two left: bits to driver are slightly used – Christmas got em

    Leatherman Waves - Cryo treated and tempered - $55 – Reduced - $45 – HAVE A BUNCH (ABOUT 8 OF THEM) Wal-Mart is $70 – lowest retail cost available

    EARLY era Kershaw Dagger – Model #1, dual serrations in opposite recurve - with sheath (top of sheath is torn) Knife is 95% - $95 – Reduced $75



    Have 3 blackouts in packaging – 1 is straight blade, 2 are seratted-$50

    Have 2 chives that are SS $30

    The following are Like new – mint with no use

    Blur 1670 - $50 (black blade)

    Blackout 1550 - $40 (black blade)

    Whirlwind 1560 - $40 (Finished blade)

    1660 - SS - $40

    1660 - black - $45

    1600 - SS - $20 –

    1600 - Black - $25

    Please IM/PM me. My email is screwed up.

    Every thing is about half price for quick sale. My email is not working (can receive, but the computer disconnects when I send) so please PM me.

    German Hubertus by Rostfrei, Solingen steel. German red stag handles, excellent condition –more than 50 years old – might be pre-war – no origin of manufacturer is on knife. – Asking $100 Will send pics via mail (my email is not working). Only about 1500 of these were made. This is an excellent cost

    Original Mark 1 Dagger by Gerber – Vietnam era - $150


    Leatherman k502x: as new: hex drive used once at Christmas
    to put nephew’s bike together MSRP is $80. $45/ each – have 2 left

    Leatherman Wave – cryo treated: most popular of all
    Leatherman tools.. MSRP is $100; Wal-Mart is $70 mine, with
    Cryo treatment, are $45. Only have a few – about 8 of them.

    *Custom Kydex sheaths of
    your design (if they are “makeable”) or mine are $35 and up. Best investment


    TL3 LED- new and mint condition-no packaging - $50

    TL3 – Xenon Not in package, but cannot tell any wear on the light $50 (will send 3 eLithium batteries in addition to the ones inside – all new)

    TL2 – xenon – Have several. New but no package – mint condition - $45



    Browning 3-9x50 scope - $250 – Optics rival the high end German names

    Level IIA vest - $250 – absolutely mint, and worth more – Going to soldier.

    Also have some really nice custom .45 cal scales/handles for a .45 auto that I made in red rosewood and black matte walnut with a "dust wash" to make them a little "aged" looking. Almost absolutely perfect cuts on all of them. I am really kinda proud of them. Will seal them, but they have been stabilized with a drying, and 50/50 PEG treatment. Did not fully saturate the wood b/c I wanted to keep them light, but they are really nice. The black ones have that "rough" kinda cool look, and the rosewood handle are "dressy." $35/set I promise you will love these!

    Finally, the finest Battle Knife made in the world today. 100% custom and nothing is out sourced. – Going to Seal Several styles, 1/4" thick ATS, bead blasted, black micarta handles, 416 SS guards and butts, and everything is 100% custom. This includes one modern war hawk that will never lose a fight!! Everything is done from raw materials. Will provide references from various spec ops, CIA, Seals, Rangers and an attempt, by Marine force Recon, to do intentional damage to the knife but could not do anything but remove 1/16 of an inch of steel from the tip from dropping it from a 10 story building (an entire squad and one knife). Can make in any steel but the cost will increase substantially. Lists for $650, last year cost $450. 2001 was $300, (increasing in value) ICCKnives Model #5 – selling $400

    Also have Hawk made in the same manner – asking $400 – sold – BUT!!!!

    Hawk is SOLD – BUT I HAVE TWO MORE THAT I CAN CUSTOMIZE FOR THE CUSTOMER – re. HANDLE AND THE BALANCE (CAN REDISIGN THE HAWK FOR A THROWER), and I can utilize stabilized Walnut Burl or use your choice of Micarta.

    Because the cost of this knife and hawk are rising so quickly, I want to sell them, but might entertain trades. Looking for:

    • Belt grinders!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks! William