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WTB: Wanted mid size Glock Washington State

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by Jennifer-K9, Dec 20, 2003.

  1. Jennifer-K9


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    Apr 10, 2003
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    Hi all, I'm kicking myself for selling my Glock 32C new style so I'm looking for another mid size, 32C, 23 etc... want new style with rails/finger grooves, prefer extra goodies on it... tell me what you have and your price. I will pick up in the Seattle area. I have a CPL and Washington State ID.

    Please email with details of what you have, price etc.


    Jennifer Bond
    Founder, Northwest K-9 Vests (
    President, Bond K-9 Services (

    "There is no greater, darker, deafening sound than, after the loss of a K-9 partner, climbing back into a patrol car and hearing only silence."

    You brought me home, one sunny day
    With you for years, I would surely stay.
    I met your pack, the children & wife,
    I loved my new home and my new life.
    I slept on your couch, at the foot of your bed,
    You looked at me lovingly while petting my head.
    For months we did train and our bonding grew,
    We're both partners & buddies in blue.
    We did school demos and never did wrong,
    Over the years, my love did grow strong.
    How I loved to work, stand up and bark,
    In the back of our car, from light until dark.
    We went call to call, having fun all the way,
    Until the call came on that one fateful day.
    A man with a gun, the dispatcher did say,
    I jumped from my car when it pointed your way.
    Before leaving home, I was told by your wife,
    I knew at that moment, I'd give you my life.
    The bullet struck hard, steady and true,
    The bullet struck me, instead not strike you.
    When you go home, tell your wife I did good,
    Strong, tall and proud on the ground that I stood.
    I'm dead and gone now, this much is so true,
    But I've done my job well in protecting you.
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