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WTB: Remington Model 8 or 81 rifle parts

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by -, Aug 9, 2003.

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    I recently picked up a Remington Model 8 rifle in .35 Remington to rework as a project gun this winter. I figure everybody needs at least 1 classic rifle, and in my case, it might as well be a design by John Moses Browning. The rifle presently shoots, but needs some work. Besides, I know this will make quite a stir with some of the older guys that attend "deer camp" with the rest of us.

    I've had some success with Numrich, Poppert's, and I'm waiting until Monday to contact Bob's Gun Shop in Arizona. Considering the Model 8 hasn't been made since 1936 or 1937, pickings are slim. The Model 81 has a lot of parts in common, and I have a shop manual on order that details the mechanisms and parts that are interchangeable. The Model 81s were made until 1950, so parts may be a bit more accessible.

    I'm specifically looking for the following items.

    .35 Remington Barrel
    Tang or Receiver Peep Sight
    Wood foregrip

    Any information or lead is much appreciated.