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WTB Reloading Equip.

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I need basicaly everything.

So let me know what you have, and mabey we can work something out.

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I have a full set of Lee shell holders (New - 11 of them in the orig., unopened box). Also have Lee Autoprime tool (used once) and the shell holders for it. Many other items, just depends on what you need.

What caliber are you planning to load? I have much brass available -- just let me know. Also see my PM.


~The Gunrunner
Is the Auto prime the one that attaches to their presses?

I will start off loading .40 S&W then I will have to buy a new gun to justify all the new equip I am buying :freak:

I just won a scale on e-bay, and received 500 pieces of once fired brass other than that I am starting from scratch.
The auto prime unit is the hand-held one. I like it better because it gives a much better feel for seating primers. I even use it sometimes when I use my progressive press to load, just because of the superior "feel".

Sometime when you have time, go into's archive and search "you know you're a gun nut,if...". Buying dies to justify a firearms purchase is a qualier. I know...that's how I ended up with a 22-250 Ackley Improved and 7mm STW!


~The Gunrunner
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