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I live in Massachusetts and I just picked up a Glock 34MOS. Now I'm looking for 3-5 pre-ban, square notch, FML 17rd magazines in great functional/cosmetic shape. Function is definitely more important than cosmetics though, and I will request pictures to verify condition/legality.

Reference this picture to see what I mean by square notch, not interested in U-notches at this time -

I'm hoping that rather than paying the crazy prices people in MA charge for them I can find some people in free states who are willing to trade their older mags for 2 brand new Gen 4 Glock mags or 3 brand new Magpul Glock mags..

I.E. you send me 1 pre-ban mag and I will send you 2 brand new glock mags of your choice. If you'd like some other type of mags we can discuss that as well.
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