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WTB or WTT my Dan Wesson VH6 .22 for a Glock 21SF or 21

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Im looking for a NEW or LIGHTLY USED Glock 21 or 21SF in the Canton Ohio area, I would like to FTF this deal willing to pick it up CASH UP FRONT for the right 21..... Or I have a Dan Wesson Model 22 Brand New In Box I`d be willing to trade on it if your looking for a trade this is the full Vent Heavy Lug barrel variant wide trigger wide hammer same frame the .357 uses made in Monson Mass.... My DW comes with Box and paperwork, DW Pachmayr and Wood grips also the Barrel Tool I would rate this piece 99.9% BEAUTIFUL BLUEING unlike i`ve ever seen looks mirror Polished or something.. But I would much rather Purchase outright cause I hate to give up any of my pistols hahahaha... But if the right 21 pops up and you wanna SWAP Im game !!

PLEASE PM me and we can exchange emails for Photo`s and price or Trade details.<!-- / message --><!-- attachments -->


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Gotta be someone in Canton Ohio area lookin for a Swap or a 21 sale... this is a awesome NIB DW model 22 guy`s really want a Glock 21SF or 21 dunno much about the 21SF Glocks not sure if i`d like the ambi mag release but ya never know... I`ve held the 30 and liked it but it`s just to small I`ve held a 21 and loved it. never held the 21SF, but have heard there really isn`t much of a difference so that why I added the 21SF to this add.....
bttt :crying: somebody trade me for a G21
Still lookin ......... Appreciate the out of state offers but would really like to do this face to face in Ohio near or around Canton Akron Ohio...
bttt :wavey: might be going to the Gun show over the weekend anybody wanna do a FTF trade in OHIO... :whistling:
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