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WTB Oakley Sunglasses

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I recently ruined my SI Ballistic M-frame 2.0 sunglasses, sat them on the seat of the bike....not the first time I've done this :whistling:

If you have a pair of good Oakleys for sale please let me know. I am not particular about model but prefer M-frames or Flak Jackets. I can relace mine for about $50 on eBay but would rather buy some here...
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got a pair of M frames, about 4 months old, but I just dont wear them(maybe 5 days total) Have 3 lenses, the stock black/grey, clear, and yellow shooting. The frames are stock black. Ill let them go for 70.00 with all three lenses and I might be able to scrounge up an extra soft vault.

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