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My friend is in need of a Glock 19. We both live in San Antonio, and willing to travel to near by cities (Selma, Schertz, New Braunfells, etc.). His price range is around 300+ dollars. We are also checking out local gun and pawn shops as well.

In my original post, Stealther pointed out, that it seemed like a straw purchase. It is not. Please don’t be turned of by this. If I was making an illegal purchase, I would of just bought it, and then handed it over to him later. My friend will pay for the transfer fees (from you to him, preferable at a shop with a range). I am only there to check out the pistol.

As for the gun it doesn’t have to be pristine. It can have dents, scratches, pitting, etc.(he is on a tight budget). All he ask is that it functions, and is mechanically sound.

Thanks for looking,
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