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WTB: frame/receiver OHIO

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I'm looking to buy a receiver or frame for...well most anything. I'm bored and want something new to build from the ground up.

FTF NE ohio, but I often travel all over the state.
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How about a '72 Ford Pinto Frame? :wavey: .... Just saying Howdy to my favorite trading partner!

Still waiting to hear about the rest of the Bushmaster ... LOL. You know the "Kit". Come on - you don't need it or even like it that much. Heck I probably got a decent .22 rifle to trade for it. Or check out my listing and go shopping.

And if that don't work (and you don't mind driving) :rofl:I do have a single action (cowboy style) I picked up a while back. It has Colt grips but the frame is not marked except with a serial number. I forget the barrel information except that it is a .22 lr. I don't believe it is a Colt original and it will need work but if you are looking for a frame and some parts to start with .... this could be the one.

Later George, George (that should confuse a few folks)
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