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WTB Dawson Front Sights for Export

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I'm looking for someone to either export a couple of Dawson front sights to New Zealand or to California where I can have a friend forward them to me.

I'm looking to pay by my personal VISA. Paypal could be an option too if I can remember my password!

I'm after the following front sights:

Glock Fiber Optic Inserted Front Sight .300 Tall x .125 Wide,
Glock Black Serrated Front Sight .300 Tall x .125 Wide,
Glock Black Serrated Front SIght .285 Tall x .125 Wide,

Can anyone help? There are no distributors anywhere near New Zealand and Dawson wont accept orders from outside the US, even for delivery to a US address.

I would be interested in a couple of sets of marine spring cups too if anyone has them.

I've tried other distributers with no luck as they also are not willing to export.

If the total value of the order is under US$100, there is no requirement for an export permit. If you can deliver to California for me the order would most likely be over $100.

I know people are wary of rip-offs, scams etc but I've been a member here for a few years and hope someone can help me, without having my pants pulled down with postage costs and handling fees.

I'm looking to place an order in the next few days.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts